About Us

The Wise Company, Inc was founded in 1961 by Charles W. Wise to manufacture seat assemblies and related items for road machinery, forklifts, farm equipment, trucks, golf carts, pleasure and fishing boats along with additional miscellaneous equipment for customers all across the United States and globally, as well.

Based out of Memphis, TN, The Wise Company is the largest manufacturer of pleasure boat seating and interiors in the country with production facilities in Savannah, TN and Carlyle, IL, with  distribution out of Rector, AR.

In May 2011, The Wise Company acquired Action Products, manufacturer of the popular Bird & Buck Series Hunting Seats, along with their popular Action Brand Sport-Utility Dry Boxes. The Wise Company will be expanding the Bird & Buck Series in the future with innovating and practical seats for all hunters.

As the world's leading supplier of all types of seating, Wise has earned a reputation for high quality products and service. Boaters, anglers and hunters have come to depend on our products to make their day on the water or time in the woods more enjoyable and comfortable.